Common Issues with Decks

Adding a deck to your house is, without a doubt, a wise move. You can make great use of the additional space in your yard for sunbathing, grilling, entertaining, and more. This is particularly true during the summer months.  

With all the advantages you’ll get with a deck, it’s only fitting to ensure that it stays in great shape for a long period.  

Because of this, it’s helpful to know the common issues that homeowners face with their decks. This will help you know if you need to hire a deck builders Calgary company for help.  

Poor Beams 

First of all, you need to ensure that the beams of your deck do not have water damage or cracks. Beams need to be fastened securely. They shouldn’t be sagging. If you think that your beams have a bit of defect, you shouldn’t hesitate to hire a professional deck builder immediately. Dealing with the issue is vital to guarantee that your deck is safe.  

Termite Damage 

When it comes to maintaining the condition of your deck, termites are your worst enemy. Because your deck is located outside your home, it is exposed constantly to these pests. For those who don’t know, termites can destroy it easily.  

If you think you’ve got a termite issue in your house, you’ve got to ensure you contact pest control immediately before the issue gets worse and affects your whole house.  


Since temperature changes regularly, you will notice some discolorations on your deck as time passes by. This is particularly true during the changing of seasons.  

Discolored boards can make your deck appear old. Because of this, it’s always worth it to refinish your deck every couple of years.  

You can always hire a professional to do the job for you. This will help you guarantee consistent results.  

Damaged Deck Boards 

Because your deck is located outside, it is also exposed constantly to moisture. Over time, you will notice broken deck boards. Unfortunately, this can be extremely risky since constant movement in your deck might cause the board to become weaker and result in cracks.  

To prevent any injury, you should immediately hire a professional deck repair contractor. Professionals recommend that a full deck board replacement is more cost-efficient compared to doing minor repairs.  

Also, professionals recommend that you don’t do this task as a DIY job since fitting a new deck board needs professional skills.  

Weak Posts 

Weak posts will require deck repair immediately. The reason for this is that it can present severe safety threats to you and your family. This is particularly true if they like to walk around your deck. 

Though most modern decks now utilize 6 by 6 posts, it is still vital to regularly check them to ensure they are attached properly to your deck. Furthermore, you should also inspect for rotting posts. This might occur if your deck has water damage.  

If your posts are showing indications of damage or decay, you’ve got to ensure you replace them immediately to avoid accidents and injuries in the future.  

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